Staff Mobile Printing Preview

Take a few moments to try out our new mobile printing service! If you have trouble printing, or encounter other issues while trying it out, please open an IT ticket.

Please do not share this page with the public, it is for staff-use only.

To get started, please watch this tutorial created by Madison Rhodes-Barnett.

There are multiple ways to use this service. It can be used to print from your mobile phone, from Chromebooks, or you can send a print job to CALS from home! The print jobs will show up in your print release station identified by the email address used to submit the print job. This process does require an email address.

Below are links to each location’s specific print job submission page. We are still adjusting those pages a bit so they may look slightly different before we release this for patrons.

You can also try out the email print job submission. The email addresses to use are also included below.

Many thanks to the IT Department for getting this ready to go. We hope to release it to the public by the end of July.

Branch   Printing Website   Black Print Email   Color Print Email  
Millie Brooks  
Dee Brown  
Children’s Library  
Main Library