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Give Us Your Feedback

Our ambition at CALS has been to make the new among the best library websites in the country. While we hope the new site is easier to use and more enjoyable to browse, we know that any website requires constant improvement and care.  So, if you’ve got a question, comment, or concern about the new,

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CALS web site navigation and menu help

There are two ways to find things on the web site: navigating using menus and searching. This post covers how to use the menus and what type of content you will find on each menu, and touches on searching at the very end.

If you have ideas on how to make our menus or web site better,

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Collection Development

Check it out! Women and coding

Welcome to Check It Out! CALS Collection Development staff will periodically post information about titles in the collection that we hope you will find useful and want to check out. We’ll probably focus less on blockbusters and bestsellers and more on publicizing titles that you might overlook.

So, let’s get to it.

In recent years there has been a trend of nonfiction books written about the important but previously unheralded work done by women.

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