Friends of CALS: Get Involved with Your Local Library

As a nonprofit interested in books and libraries, FOCAL’s mission is to support the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS). FOCAL volunteers work in programs raising money through basement book sales, River Market Books & Gifts (RMBG), and membership development. With funds generated through these projects, FOCAL sponsors children’s programs like Summer Reading Club, Read To Me (books for newborns and toddlers whose parents register them for a library card), storytime, music and puppet shows at the Main Library, and many other public library reading programs at CALS’s fourteen branches.

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FOCAL activities generate funds that are used to supplement programming at all CALS branches. FOCAL donated over $112,000 to CALS programs and projects in 2010. These programs encourage reading and library participation.

Annual FOCAL projects include grants to CALS branches and departments for programming, support for the Arkansas Literary Festival, Book Club Kits, endowment fund donations, Movie Licensing fees, Read to Me (providing free board books to infants and toddlers whose parents register them for library cards), distributing free books to elementary school children, Summer Reading Club, Saturday morning programming at the Main Library, and scholarship funds.

Volunteering with FOCAL

Join us! Become a FOCAL volunteer today and begin using your local library to raise money for education programs in Central Arkansas. Volunteers provide system-wide support for branches, RMBG and basement book sales, the Arkansas Literary Festival, Butler Center Galleries, CALS Ron Robinson Theater, and other outreach efforts. /p>

By using your local library as a volunteer opportunity, you can help FOCAL continue to provide programs like these. Submit a FOCAL Volunteer Application online, or contact Christopher Beaumont at 501-918-3085 or for additional information about volunteering.